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October 24 - 30, 2022 | Everywhere

Save this space! Online discussion coming October 3.

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Here's the original Sticker Shock from Cornell.

My $0.02 which kinda ties in with this...


Since it's a bit early in Australia, on behalf of the makers of "Scientist meets Publisher" (>2500 views)  comes this idea from earlier today.

At Jisc, the UK's consortium for technology in higher and further education, we are planning:


- case studies from different institutions to illustrate how open approaches can achieve benefits for colleges and universities by linking with strategy


- our open access web space: including these case studies and sections on different resources and activities


- linked blog posts from late October until Christmas on various open themes eg. open standards, open data


- Twitter campaign throughout open access week pointing to different resources


- launch of various reports including 'Benefits for the Private Sector'


- a webinar on open source licensing for IT managers


For JISC, open access is part of a wider agenda to support open issues.  Look forward to hearing your comments and you can email me for more:

Links available yet?

Hi Jim, we'll be linking our resources to the existing advice sheet for universities about why oa is good for them:

Thanks Jennifer!

Here's a really interesting paper from last year which asks "which policy will work best for your university?" with facts and figures attached to that.


We used it as a great media hook last year but you might find something to interest your local journalists.

Being UK based, I am WELL aware of JISC but don't yet have a contact there.... Ello Nicola :)

Hello Graham, good to meet you!

Where are you based?

In Glasgow.


Gave a talk at the BL earlier in the year in connection with the JISC funded "Patients Participate" Workshop


Spoke briefly with your Simon Hodson but too little time....


I be on the Twitterverse as @McDawg

Dartmouth College:

We have a series of lunchtime faculty roundtables and workshops in the Center for the Advancement of Learning, so we're using that format and space for two sessions, since we typically have just the right turnout to fill the space.  I find that trying to have one "big" talk event is difficult due to so much competing campus programming.

Faculty panel/discussion at a hosted lunch, max. 30 people, on the changing nature of scholarly and scientific society publishing, particularly open access publishing.  The five panelists are well known on campus, come from different disciplines and have different takes on their society publishing. The session is open to grad students too. 

Faculty roundtable on Open Courses and Student Learning, to talk about next steps on opening up course materials, open textbooks options, etc.  There may be a couple of undergraduates at this to present their views.

Drop in sessions on our author fee program, COPE

Slide show to post around campus that highlights open access Dartmouth research called "Research with a Global Reach"

Our web page is in progress at


I'm working with an undergraduate on other ideas for students and we'll at least post the webinars on a page dedicated to undergraduates.

Barbara, are you working with Parker Phinney?  He's involved with the Students for Free Culture chapter there at Dartmouth and moderated an Open Access panel I participated in earlier this year during their Free Culture Conference.

Harvard OA week events:

1. Faculty recognition event for people who have deposited in the OA repository.

2. Joint meeting between Harvard and MIT working on OA. We've also invited a few people from Boston University, Northeastern, and Tufts.

3. Library Lab showcase: 19 open source innovation projects will show their work from this last year.

4. Launching Yana, an open source template for scholarly journals to develop mobile applications.



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in partnership with our
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