Towards the new paradigm of science and scholarly communication environment - e-Science, research data sharing, and research data infrastructures -

Research data is becoming one of the most important topics among academic stakeholders of research and scholarly communications. It has been recognized that research data is produced through research processes d is often held by researchers or the communities to which they belong, as their properties. Technological revolutions since 1990s of information and communications, especially on the Internet and the Web, thereafter wireless communications and mobile computing have made it easy to share the research data through those telecommunication commodities, which resulted in our strong capacity to deal with large volume and wide variety of data in research. This changing research environment leads to the “Fourth paradigm” of scientific research which is expected as a new approach for the scientific discoveries. It means the same as e-Science, data-driven science, as well as data-centric science. In parallel, Open Access policy has been widely spread and stated around the academic world, and the openness also affected the research data context, in that researchers share the data among themselves under the name of Open Data and Open Science in several years. Now, we are tackling the issues on sharing research data towards the new paradigm of science. This seminar aims at giving opportunities for all stakeholders of research data including researchers, research administrators, engineers, publishers, and governmental agencies, those who are responsible for research support such as librarians and technical staff, and all the people who have the same interests towards the new paradigm of science, to understand what the essential is in the topic and what is needed for its supporting environment. It will hopefully be a trigger for all participants to start discussing the theme.

Time: October 21, 2015 from 10:15am to 5:45pm

Country: Japan

Street: National Institute of Informatics, 12F 1208 & 1210 Meeting room

City/Town: Tokyo

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Event Type: seminar